Pump Station 205



Seipp has been involved with Pump Station 205 over a number of previous projects, but this project involved a substantial refurbishment across the site.
Scope included:

  • Replace 1x Electric Motor and 2x Diesel Engines
  • Replace 3x Gearbox Drivetrains
  • Full roof refurbishment
  • Full HVAC upgrade
  • Full electrical and controls upgrade
  • Numerous structural improvements


When people think of the history of the city we typically think of old buildings, cemeteries and museums.
Pump Station 205 was constructed 40 years ago and performs an essential service to all of Christchurch. Located in Burwood, a suburb devastated by the earthquakes that now sits empty and has reverted to green spaces where streets and houses once populated, the pump station remains to provide protection against flooding for the a large amount of the city by regulating the flow between the Horseshoe Lake and into the tidal Avon River.
Archimedes screw technology was created over 2,000 years ago - this pump station has scaled the concept using 3x large 8 tonne screws capable of lifting a total capacity of 13 m3 per second.
During the Christchurch earthquakes the pump station settled slightly lower and in combination with expected global warming sea rise, significantly reducing the return period flood event against which the station could pump at full capacity and consequently increasing the risk of flooding in the catchment it protects.

Challenges include:
• Procurement of major components from Brazil, the Netherlands, India, USA and Italy
• Dewatering of intake and outlet channels required divers
• Maintaining the pump station as a working facility throughout the project
• Sensitive environmental considerations, including the protection of recently rediscovered endangered mussels.