Pressure Main 105



  • 450 m of DN 900mm Franks PKS gravity wastewater pipeline
  • 5 No. new 1500mm diameter PE manholes
  • Break-in and connect to existing manholes
  • Support of crossing services, including main fibre optic cable

Project Description

On this project we installed 3350m of pipeline to connect Pump Station 105 to the existing wastewater network. Works were undertaken along Birmingham Drive and Matipo Street which are the main arterial routes within this light industrial area.
The gravity section of the pipework consisted of 1140m of solid wall polyethylene pipeline and associated structures. Our methodology was to install pipes in 6m lengths in sandy gravels and use dewatering wells to lower the ground water table.
Given the location and project environment, well-planned traffic management was essential to ensure works could be completed safely and efficiently. Our expertise in this area was key to our delivery ahead of programme.

Client: SCIRT/ Christchurch City Council

Start Date: April 2013
Completion Date: June 2013