Huntsbury Hill Pipe Bursting



  • Install 620m DN180mm PE pipe via pipe burst
  • Break out and reset manhole connections
  • Reinstatement
  • Pressure testing

Project Description:

To install a new wastewater pipeline for this hillside suburb in Christchurch required a methodology which could address the challenges associated with severely restricted access and a sloping worksite.
Additional complexity for this pipe bursting project was created by the adjacency of a school and a portion of the existing wastewater system which passed underneath a playground.
Specialised pipe bursting equipment and expertise made this project achievable. Not only were we able to overcome the issues associated with steep/constrained access, we also completed the project with minimal disruption to residents and local amenities. Eliminating the need to excavate trenches, reduced noise and disturbance which would have impacted operation of the local school. And, we were able to replace pipes beneath the play park without the need to dig or disturb the grounds.

Client: SCIRT/ Christchurch City Council

Start Date: February 2015
Completion Date: June 2015