Beachville Road Catchment – Drainage Package



  • Replacement of 630m existing pipeline via pipe bursting
  • Installation of new 150 dia. and 225 dia. wastewater pipes
  • Installation of new laterals and 9 new manholes

Project Description:

Our work on the Beachville Road drainage package was part of a wider scope of works to replace the pump station servicing this residential catchment.
Ensuring lack of disruption to residents was a priority for our team. We worked closely with the owners of nearby properties to ensure access to their properties was maintained. We also implemented design and sequencing changes to achieve project efficiencies.
Our recommendations included changing the sequence of works so Celia Street was completed before Beachville North. This limited the volume of bypass pumping needed. We also installed Celia Street laterals ahead of those on the main line, again to drive productivity.
This project was characterised by our stakeholder focus and ability to undertake works efficiently while minimising resident disturbance.

Client: SCIRT/ Christchurch City Council

Start Date: October 2013
Completion Date: January 2015