Seipp Construction is recognised as a successful river and coastal marine contractor. Our staff have a proud history in successfully undertaking projects both nationally and internationally. We have worked on a variety of high profile marine projects and our delivery of the Beachville Road Seawall one best project of the year award with the New Zealand Contractors Federation.

Marine construction usually requires work to be carried out in extreme environmental conditions. Our vast knowledge and experience working in marine environments allows us to offer unique solutions to the unique challenges presented by such conditions.

Our fleet of Long Reach Excavators, ranging from 13 tonne to 50 tonne and equipped with Leica 3D GPS systems, can be barge-mounted if required.

We specialise in the following marine engineering works:

  • Seawall Construction
  • River cleaning, dredging and remediation
  • Marina Installation
  • Dredging
  • Wharfs
  • Jetties
  • Outfalls
  • Long Reach Excavator

Marine Projects

Christchurch Coastguard Ramp Dredging project image
Christchurch Coastguard Ramp Dredging Christchurch
Redcliffs Ocean Stormwater Outfalls project image
Redcliffs Ocean Stormwater Outfalls Christchurch
Beachville Road Seawall project image
Beachville Road Seawall Christchurch